Documentary Stories

 1.Jennifer Prez

🇨🇺"Before I was even born I was adopted into the Cuban culture and I wasn't even Cuban."🇨🇺

Jennifer Prez tells her journey about growing up in the Cuban culture and reveals the richness and passion of the culture and how it has redefine to her what it means to be born Cuban 


 2. Marissa Kemp


🇺🇸🇵🇭🇬🇷🇩🇪"I remember even as a young girl I had to deal with extreme racism because I was mixed.

One of my fondest memories.. I remember one day eating at a restaurant I had to use the bathroom really bad..

and I was told by the owner who was Asian, that I was not allowed to use the bathroom because I was of mixed race.. He then told my mom that he was very angry with her for intermixing and he would not allow a “child” like me to ever use his restroom, and I shouldn’t be in his restaurant..

I remember feeling very hurt and broken by that… not truly understanding at the time what it truly meant to be a mixture of cultures & races…”🇺🇸🇵🇭🇬🇷🇩🇪

Marissa shares her heartbreaking story of dealing with racism and how she overcome the stigma placed on her from her mixed heritage.


3. Keith Rando




🇨🇺"I remeber hearing about the immense hardship my grandparents went through to get here and get me here... heck I am 2nd generation cuban so its really for my parents, that they choose to take that mission to get here. So mission accomplish."🇨🇺

Keith Rando a Cuban born American gives us a backstory to his Cuban hertiage and the immense hardship his grandparents fought to come to America. This is His Voice, His Story, His ForeignPlug - Ep3


4. Tico Armand

🇭🇹"Haiti has some very deep wounds that they dont want to expose.. & it's a very sad reality, As it has been said before in order for you to truly heal.. you must first allow the pain & fear of your wounds to be exposed.."🇭🇹

Professional model Tico Armand pulls back the curtain to expose the reality of colorism while revealing to the world what Haitian pride truly means and how this rich culture💃 became her solid foundation that has allowed her to thrive against all odd's.


5. Brandon Moody




🇧🇸"The first time i saw conch i thought it was sometime of shrimp cuisine that was prepared.. Little did I know the minute I tasted conch my tastebuds went into a feeding frenzy it was the very first time my Bahamain blood was awaken"🇧🇸

Being born Bahamian/American Brandon Moody tells about his journey with reconnecting with his lost Bahamian heritage and finding a balance between both cultures




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