Puerto Rico - Salomé™ Sneakers


 Salomé the Forbidden 

Don Julián Correa’s greatest pride was his beautiful 17-year-old daughter Salomé. One day Salomé rode her horse to the Abacoa River to go for her daily walk, but this day her father insisted that Juan, the son of the rich landowner Don Ramón Rivera, accompany her because he was hoping they would one day marry.

When they reached the riverbank Salomé spotted a beautiful flower floating on the river and leaned over to grab it, only to slip on a stone. She lost her balance and fell into the swift current, but when she cried out to Juan for help, he had no courage and only shouted that he would go to the hacienda for help.

Salomé thought she was certain to die, but then she saw through the sky a bronze and copper bolt that fell from the cliff above. Powerful arms embraced her and brought her safely to the riverbank. Her savior was a young man with brown skin and eyes the color of honey, and she fell in love with him instantly. When she asked him his name, he replied, “I am Aruaca, the last of the Taino warriors, son of Urayoán and Cecilia, the Spanish, grandson of the cacique Abacoá.”

Capturing the magic of Salomé & Aruaca love we present the  

Salomé™ Sneakers




Please order 1 size bigger only if your feet are BROADER. All our of shoe are labeled as "TrueFit." Which simply means if you are a size 13 it will fit exactly size 13 with no extra wiggle room. To compensate for people who have BROADER FEET its highly suggest for people with broader feet to please order 1 shoe size bigger for maximum comfort. 




  • Production Time: 4-6 days

    Female Sneakers: 14.25 Oz.
    Male Sneakers: 17.78 Oz
    Designed for sports, walking, fashion, everyday wear

    Made from high elastic & high density mesh cloth, breathable and simple casual.

    Featuring four-eyelet lace-up closure for easy on and off.

    MD sole, shake-proof, non-slip, lightweight & durable, easy cleaning.

    EVA insole, anti-heat, anti-moisture, anti-corrosion, wearing soft and comfortable.

    Ideal as both running & casual shoes, stability and speed.