Venezuela - Kayeri™ Sneakers


When it rains, the Kayeri are sure to appear. These creatures from the folklore of the Cuiva of Colombia and Venezuela are seasonal beings, seen in the rainy season and especially after a recent rainfall. In drier seasons they remain underground or underneath the roots of a tree, and use the holes made by ants to reach the surface. The presence of anthills in the rainy season is a sure sign of kayeri presence.

The appearance of a kayeri is nebulous at best. He is clearly humanoid in shape, and acts as such; he also has a yellow or blue-green hat. All the mushrooms of the forest are kayeri. The agouti, the broad-leaved unkuaju plant, and the Ficus vine are also kayeri, and dragonflies can become Kayeri. The coyoweri fruit is their invention. The only word in their vocabulary is “mu” or “mü“. 



Please order 1 size bigger only if your feet are BROADER. All our of shoe are labeled as "TrueFit." Which simply means if you are a size 13 it will fit exactly size 13 with no extra wiggle room. To compensate for people who have BROADER FEET its highly suggest for people with broader feet to please order 1 shoe size bigger for maximum comfort. 


  • Production Time: 4-6 days

    Female Sneakers: 14.25 Oz.
    Male Sneakers: 17.78 Oz
    Designed for sports, walking, fashion, everyday wear

    Made from high elastic & high density mesh cloth, breathable and simple casual.

    Featuring four-eyelet lace-up closure for easy on and off.

    MD sole, shake-proof, non-slip, lightweight & durable, easy cleaning.

    EVA insole, anti-heat, anti-moisture, anti-corrosion, wearing soft and comfortable.

    Ideal as both running & casual shoes, stability and speed.